November 18 – February 10, 2008
            Project Collection (5)
            Olafur Eliasson – Lava floor
Since 2003, the internationally successful Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson has been collaborating with the Kunsthaus Zug within the framework of “Project: Collection”. In 2004, he began by conveying an overview of his various working areas (photography, light installations, installations) in a major exhibition in Zug. Within that context he also presented his huge model room, virtually setting up a laboratory in the museum to document the intensive research work he had carried out with mathematicians and architects. For pictures please compare, Sammlung, Projekt Sammlung, Olafur Eliasson. In 2005/6 he constructed a 300-meter-long wooden channel to divert the nearby Burgbach stream through the Kunsthaus itself, thus linking nature, the town and the museum in a manner as radical as it was playfully poetic. This action likewise served to open the museum institution, in a sense to integrate it into the natural flow of time (weather, seasons). The project was fascinating and placed the highest demands conceivable on all involved. It received acclaim nationwide.

This outdoor water project is now being followed by a spectacular indoor installation with Icelandic lava. In a work that addresses the relationship between nature and culture, Eliasson is staging a virtual landscape in the museum.

Trekking shoes required.
The exhibition is not suitable for persons with impaired mobility.

Special lunch menus are on offer during the exhibition.


      Art Siesta
Tuesday, January 22, 12.00 noon – 12.30 pm
with Matthias Haldemann


      Guided Tours
Sunday, December 9, 11:00 am to 12:00 noon
with Sandra Winiger
Sunday, January 13, 11:00 am to 12:00 noon
with Matthias Haldemann
Sunday, Februar 10, 11:00 to 12.00 noon
with Sandra Winiger


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