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February 26 to May 21

Pavel Pepperstein
The Resurrection of Pablo Picasso in the Year 3111

Centaur and Nymph, 80 x 100 cm, acryl on canvas, 2016© Pavel Pepperstein, Courtesy Artist @ Nahodka Arts Ltd

Science fiction at Kunsthaus Zug: no sooner has the year 2017 begun and visitors find themselves already looking ahead to 3111. There, they encounter no less a figure than Pablo Picasso, introduced by the Russian artist Pavel Pepperstein (b. in Moscow in 1966), who aims to meet Picasso in the rooms of the Kunsthaus with works of his own.
Pepperstein’s relationship with Picasso goes back to infancy: his parents – a children’s book author and an artist – named their son Pavel, the Russian equivalent to Pablo. Yet there are also biographical affinities. Picasso was a freethinker and a bon vivant; women and cheekiness are as much part of the legend surrounding him as they are of Pepperstein’s. Eroticism and ecstasy in the guise of mythological creatures are leitmotifs in the Spaniard’s work: nymphs, fauns and satyrs have a firm place in Picasso’s art. Pepperstein will realize his fictional encounter with Picasso in new paintings executed in Moscow especially for this show.
Pavel Pepperstein and his scheme to resurrect Picasso in the far-distant future did not appear out of nowhere. In fact, Pepperstein is a name well-known in Zug. Over the course of a five-year collaboration, he presented his work five times at the Kunsthaus, most recently in 2002. He brought friends with him from Russia, Ilya Kabakov for example, whose Ship of Tolerance rode at anchor on Lake Zug last summer – and has meanwhile found a permanent home at the Brüggli – uniting thousands of people in the spirit of a more tolerant world.
Pepperstein is considered one of the most prominent artists living in Russia. In 2014 he was awarded the prestigious Kandinsky Prize. Yet his creative output is not limited to the visual arts: Pepperstein also writes art reviews, art-theoretical essays and even fiction.
His art can be found in galleries and museums all over the world, for example the Louvre in Paris and the Kunstmuseum Basel.
Fifteen years have passed since Pepperstein’s last exhibition in Zug – years that have brought about many changes. Now he will be returning with new surprises up his sleeve.

Kuratiert von Matthias Haldemann